Deputy MASLOC Boss visits Abena Korkor following her damning exposé

The Deputy Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Microfinance and Small Loans Centre (MASLOC), Madam Afia Akoto on Saturday visited troubled former student of the University of Cape Coast, Nana Abena Korkor Addo popularly known among her peers as “Lency On Fire.

Madam Afia Akoto who is a former student of Aburi Girls Senior High School, attended the same school with Abena Korkor and disclosed that the visit was at the instance of the President of the old students association.

She shared images of her visit on her facebook page and called for support for Abena Korkor though what both former students discussed is under wraps.

“With one of my daughters, Abena Korkor right now. If you honestly know how this world is , you will embrace her and walk her through her challenges than make mockery of anything she can’t even remember. She needs all the love and support and not mockery”

Nana Abena Korkor Addo on her facebook page on Saturday, made very shocking revelations including her incarceration at the Metropolitan Detention Center, Brooklyn in the United States for 18 months for drug trafficking in 2010.

“Some men just love scandals or say scandalous women. The feeling of the potential of a scandal excites them. It is an unconscious trait . You chose me for a particular reason. I will feed that for you because I am at your service.

My NSS payment slip is missing so I might not be paid but who cares about 500 or 600 cedis.

I am an ex-convict of the Feds. I trafficked drugs March 2010. It was first time and I got caught. It was Repu or JFK. I chose JFK and $45000 but I ended upwith 18 months incarceration in MDC Brooklyn.

So what is 500 cedis. My experience in prison made me appreciate lack. To learn to live without luxury. And u can be happy.

I stayed without sex. Never masturbated but a lady sucked my nipples once. Prison was fun, sad , painful and interesting. I lost my first 20kg there. I learnt how exercise there. I taught people how to exercise and meditate. I earned an extra income as a masseuse . I enjoyed my healing hands

I relieved headaches, others orgasmed at my touch. It was an exciting experience.

I miss Cody, she was bipolar and a lesbian. I know understand why we clicked so much. We were always hyper. I was his little angel. We kicked each other’s ass in chess. She made me coffee whenever I looked tired. I hope she is safe.

Africans started praying together. Christians and muslims then they called it the Anti-Christ. MDC mu nsem”

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